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4 common obstacles to property division

A divorcing couple faces many challenges when dividing their marriage into two separate futures. From issues centering on their children such as child support and the new parenting plan, to the division of assets and debts, the couple must reach difficult agreements...

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Property division in a Georgia divorce

There are probably a lot of assets that you and your soon-to-be ex have accumulated and shared through the course of your marriage. As part of the divorce process, the court will look at exact sources of assets you and your ex own to determine if they are separate or...

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How to determine alimony

Divorce can be a huge strain to the couple and navigating this very complex legal landscape can raise a lot of questions. One of the many worries can be how alimony is established and how does it affect the relationship between both parties after the divorce has been...

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How is child support determined in Georgia?

As you prepare for your divorce, you will likely have concerns about how much maintenance you will pay each month. You may earn more than your spouse, and you two may have children together. In this case, you will have to provide child support until they turn 18. By...

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Do I need a postnuptial agreement?

Getting married can be an exciting experience, no matter if it’s your first time down the aisle or your second. Marriage can offer comfort, happiness and stability in the lives of many couples but can still dissolve into a painful breakup later down the road. If...

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