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How Is Child Support Determined In Georgia?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2020 | Divorce |

As you prepare for your divorce, you will likely have concerns about how much maintenance you will pay each month. You may earn more than your spouse, and you two may have children together. In this case, you will have to provide child support until they turn 18. By understanding Georgia’s child support laws, you can prepare for its impact on your finances.

Georgia’S Child Support Laws

Georgia courts calculate base child support obligations using a specific formula. Yet, they may deviate from these guidelines. And they consider multiple factors when determining a fair monthly payment. These include:

  • Your monthly spousal support payment
  • Whether you or your spouse’s health insurance covers your children
  • The actual time your children spend with you or your spouse
  • Any major outstanding expenses you or your spouse may have
  • Extraordinary expenses required for you to fulfill your parenting time
  • Income you earn outside your salary

You and your spouse may qualify as high earners if you make over $30,000 combined per month. If you do, the court may recommend a higher deviation from the state’s guidelines to maintain your children’s previous lifestyle. If your children attend a private school or take part in expensive activities, these facts will likely play a part in your support obligation. Furthermore, if your income far exceeds your spouse’s, your expected contribution toward your children’s care could increase.

Preparing For Payment

Your child support obligation may seem large. But it’s important to remember that the money will go toward securing a strong future for your children. A family law attorney can help you work through the process and plan for its financial effects.